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  • Aerate soil and increase microbe activity
  • Increase moisture infiltration and extend irrigation frequencies
  • Decompact heavy traffic areas between rows
  • Encourages new root growth by underground pruning
  • Assists in reducing the effects of salinity
  • Erosion control and improved soil structure
  • Two bar 100mm x 100mm heavy duty rectangular hollow section frame
  • Shear pin protected shank assemblies
  • 610mm (24”) or 760mm (30”) under frame clearance
  • Tap on points and shin guards (different models available)
  • Category 2 linkage mounts
  • Bolt on tyne assemblies (x 5 on standard model – optional)


  • Adjustable depth wheels
  • Bolt on coulter assemblies
  • Single tool bar 100mm x 100mm Heavy Duty
  • Quick Hitch Mounts

Little Ripper PhotoLittle Ripper PhotoLittle Ripper Photo
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