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(For Trellis Dried Grapes)

The AGG-MATE Shaw Double Row Cutter Bar is used to mechanically cut canes to dry grapes on Shaw Swing Arm Trellis.

The AGG-MATE Shaw Double Row Cutter Bar's features / benefits include:

  • Uses a balanced double acting blade to ensure smooth cutting close to the cordon
  • Cutting head can be tractor mounted for one man operation
  • A single cutter can cover approximately 1.2 acres per hour
  • A towed double row unit can cover up to 3 acres per hour
  • The use of a steering wheel for in and out movement provides greater control and “feel” to the operator
  • Cutting can be done 24 hours per day to provide maximum protection in the event of rain at harvest
  • Cane deflectors provide enhanced vision in heavy foliage.

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